vEUC TechCon 2019

De Nederlandse VMware End-User Computing Tech Conference 2019

Welkom op de site van de Nederlandse vEUC TechCon

Na twee zeer succesvolle edities van de Nederlandse VMware EUC TechCon, komt er in 2019 natuurlijk weer een nieuwe editie van het enige community evenement dat zich voor 100% richt op de End-User Computing producten van VMware.
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De derde editie van vEUC TechCon zal plaats vinden op 6 juni 2019. Wil je HET EUC event van het jaar niet missen?

De Studios in Aalsmeer

Voor de derde editie van vEUC TechCon hebben we gekozen voor een nieuwe locatie: De Studios in Aalsmeer. Houd onze site in de gaten voor meer informatie over het event.

vEUC TechCon 2019 Agenda

We zijn mega trots op een vol programma met een variatie aan EUC topics. Check hier de agenda:
8:30 - 9:00


Je kunt je badge ophalen en alvast genieten van een goede kop koffie.

Edwin de Ron
Practice Development Manager - VMware

We heten jullie van harte welkom op vEUC TechCon 2019

9:15 - 10:15

Spencer Pitts
Chief Technologist - VMware
Frederiek van Hoornick (VMware) and Maarten Caus (ITQ)
EUC Specialists

Do you want to know how Workspace ONE Intelligence can make your IT admin life easier? Do you want to learn how to be proactive instead and reactive and automate certain manual time-consuming tasks? Then attend our session what Workspace ONE Intelligence can do for you!
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11:00 - 11:15

Sander Noordijk

Google heeft bedacht dat de bekende manier van het beheren van Android devices beter kan. Het resultaat is dat ze de “Android Admin” de nek omdraaien, en zelfs niet meer ondersteunen in de nieuwste versies van Android. De nieuwe manier van beheer gaat via “Android Enterprise”, maar wat voor effect heeft dat op de bestaande devices? Waarom is dit uberhaupt bedacht? Hoe voorkom je dat Android devices na een update naar de laatste Android versie niet buiten beheer vallen? Sander vertelt in zijn sessie wat de gedachte hierbij is, en hoe je grip houdt op je Android devices op deze nieuwe manier.

Johan van Amersfoort
Tech Marketing Architect - ITQ

In a real-life project, I have designed and deployed a VDI platform that was fully utilized for a great user experience by day. By night, the platform automatically turned into a compute platform to run Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence workloads and fully utilized CPUs, RAM and of course: GPUs. By leveraging the features and technologies in VMware Horizon, VMware vSphere and NVIDIA vGPU we were able to design and build a dynamic platform that is not only able to present the user with a great User Experience, but also offers data scientists a place to run their complex DL/AI (High-Performance Computing) workloads.

In this session, I will explain how the platform was designed, what challenges I faced and how we solved them to get the ultimate VDI/HPC platform. Be carefull: this session will contain live demos 🙂

12:40 - 13:30

Dennis Sigmond
EUC Architect

Within this session, we are diving into the different EUC Cloud offerings from VMware. How do we choose the right cloud offering and which options are available: AWS, Azure, etc? After this session, you will have all the information available helping to understand the different EUC Cloud offerings.

Andrew Morgan & Sean Massey
EUC Specialist - VMware

VMware Cloud on AWS provides organizations with the power of VMware's solution stack and the consumption model and global reach of Amazon's public cloud offerings. It is also the perfect platform for delivering VMware Horizon on a global scale.
During this session, we'll discuss the lessons that were learned during VMware's own global buildout of Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS, including integration with Native Amazon services to deliver virtual desktops. We will also discuss Horizon architectures to support workloads of all sizes, VMC configurations for multiple sites, the Horizon Cloud Connector, and how we solved challenges that come from extending an environment to multiple VMC environments including domain controller placement and image management.

14:55 - 15:10

Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk & Eltjo van Gulik
EUC Specialists

Learn how to approach VDI Operating System Optimization on Windows 10 to achieve customer goals including fast logons, superior user experience, and high host density. A true guide that will lead you to success. It is not just an opinion, it is all proven with data from the performance community platform ICT-R.

Age Roskam
EUC Consultant

We’re going to cover technical use-cases you can use when you have the luxury of combining AppVolumes with User Profile Management: -Capture Cloud storage, OST files and search-Index -Dividing/spanning the User Profile between Folder Redirection, UEM and Writable Volume -UIA on Non-Persistent VDI.

Edwin de Ron
Practice Development Manager - VMware
Hans Jaspers
EUC Consultant

Presentatie (demo) met grappige inslag waarbij uitdagingen met legacy apps op Horizon non persistent instant clones worden uitgelicht.

Arno Meijroos
EUC Consultant, Login Consultants

Everybody knows end-user experience in the virtual workspace is very important! HTML5 Multimedia Redirection is a feature which is not well known for its capabilities. It enhances the HTML5 multimedia experience for the end-users, whilst saving CPU resources!
How this works and how it can add value to your environment will be handled within this session. I will show you the requirements, the configuration for a successful setup and even better live demos to see all the benefits this nice feature has got to offer!

Gaetan Pilotto
Consultant and IoT specialist

What is possible with some Raspberry pi’s and microcontrollers. Demo’s on how to make your life “smarter”. How to connect, manage, automate and control things. How to make things connected over the internet. How to start (on a budget)?

Magnus Trouw
Enterprise, Systems Engineer Manager, Apple

Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right. And so much of your personal information lives on your Apple devices. Every Apple product is designed from the ground up to protect that information both at home and at work. In this last session of the day Apple will talk about privacy and security features and how they integrate with your enterprise environment.

Edwin de Ron
Practice Development Manager - VMware

Zorg ervoor dat je tot het einde blijft, want dit wordt leuk!